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Cascades PRO Tandem™ Electronic Hybrid Towel Dispenser-BK

Item # C228

  • Motor-assist is energy-efficient, ensuring that a paper-tail is always out, in-sight and accessible. Conforms to ADA guidelines when properly installed.
  • 7.5" wide roll with 8" diameter and 2.25" stub roll
  • Exposed towel and hidden towel features
Black, ea
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Exposed towel is ideal for high-traffic environments, allows users to get paper towels quickly. Hidden towels are hygiene focused, customers simply put their hand under the dispense to activate sensor. See-through window allows you to quickly know when to service the dispenser and load a new roll. Designed specifically to function with the Cascades PRO Perform™ or Cascades PRO Signature™ 775' and 1050' roll towels.